Frequently Asked Questions Wonderfeel 2020


Is Wonderfeel 2020 still going to happen?

We’re sorry to say that Wonderfeel 2020 is cancelled. The 6th edition of Wonderfeel will take place in 2021, on July 16, 17, and 18.

Why has the decision to cancel the festival been made so early?

Our ticket sales, which were very promising in early March, have completely stopped since the measures against COVID-19 started. This is of course unsurprising, but it does mean 52% of our revenue is now uncertain. The government has banned all licensed events up to June 1st. It is unlikely that ticket sales will go back to normal after that. Denmark has banned all large events until August, and the Belgian government will soon announce comparable measures. It is possible that similar measures for events will still be in place in the Netherlands after June 1st. Additionally, many funds and sponsors are struggling with uncertainty with regards to their own financial support. Taking all this into account, the board saw no choice but to cancel Wonderfeel in order to protect the future of the festival.

Are there any (safe) alternatives?

We have investigated several scenarios, from changing the date of the festival to organising a smaller festival. Moving the festival to August or September – regardless of whether events will be possible by then – means increasing competition for and from our fellow festivals. This would also increase our financial uncertainty, due to the copious amount of extra work we would have to do, which we currently cannot afford. After September, the weather will be too cold to permit an outdoor festival. We also seriously considered the possibility of a smaller Wonderfeel. Financially speaking, however, this is not feasible. And besides, we want to organise a full-fledged and complete Wonderfeel, which is simply not possible with less money.

Will the artists be compensated?

The artists – musicians, dancers, poets, speakers – who were booked for this year’s Wonderfeel have been contacted separately. Together with supporting funds, government bodies, and our partners, we are currently discussing the possibilities of supporting these artists with some form of compensation. We will inform them as soon as we know more.

Can I help?

Yes please! You can make a donation here. But we also greatly appreciate a heart-warming message to or via social media! ❤ We will use the donations to compensate this year’s artists on the one hand, and to cover the costs we already made for Wonderfeel 2020 on the other.

I was going to volunteer at Wonderfeel 2020. Can I still help out next year?

We would love to have you as a volunteer at Wonderfeel 2021! Our colleague Cees will get in touch with you in early 2021.

When is the next edition of Wonderfeel?

Save the date: the sixth edition of Wonderfeel will take place on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2021!

When will the ticket sale for Wonderfeel 2021 start?

Tickets will be available from March 8, 2021. Friends of Wonderfeel can order their tickets one week earlier, starting March 1st.


Will my tickets be valid for next year’s festival?

You can choose to exchange this year’s ticket for a ticket for Wonderfeel 2021. You can do so by filling in the form here. You will then receive similar tickets for Wonderfeel 2021 by e-mail.

I want to (partially) donate my ticket to Wonderfeel, how do I do that?

It’s great that you’re considering donating your tickets, either partially or completely, to Wonderfeel! You can do so using this form.

What if I'm not sure I can attend Wonderfeel 2021 (July 16-18)?

Of course we also offer the reimbursement of your tickets. You can also choose to completely or partially donate your ticket(s). Please fill in the form here.

I want to donate or be reimbursed for part of my order, and apply part of it to next year. Is that possible?

Unfortunately that is not possible. You can be reimbursed for the full amount of your ticket(s) (excluding service costs) and make a donation using this link.

What will happen with my “donated tickets”?

We will gladly include your donations to Natuurmonumenten and your donations for an even more sustainable Wonderfeel into account for our plans for 2021. This also applies to the Give-an-Encore (Geef-een-Toegift) tickets.

What will happen with the (partial) donation of my ticket(s)?

We will use your donation to support our artists with a financial compensation, as well as to cover expenses already made for Wonderfeel 2020.

I already booked a spot on the camping, can I still cancel that?

In that case, please contact camping Fransche Kamp, they will be able to assist you further.


What are the odds that Wonderfeel 2020 will still happen?

Even if everything goes back to normal by June 1st – which we would love to see, but doesn’t seem realistic – Wonderfeel 2020 is definitively cancelled. 😢

When will you know more about a possible financial compensation?

We are currently discussing financial measures with the funds and government bodies that support Wonderfeel 2020. Many funds have indicated to be accommodating, but still every cancellation is treated as a separate case. That means it might take a while before we know how much money we will have available to disburse. What that distribution will look like depends on our available financial means. We will get in touch as soon as we know more.

What does the cancellation mean for booking fees?

Unfortunately, all booking fee payments are suspended.

I already spent money for Wonderfeel 2020. Can I invoice those costs?

If you’ve already booked a trip, we’d like to ask you to cancel it and invoice the costs with the travel company. If this is not possible, we will see whether it is possible for Wonderfeel to reimburse your travel expenses. Please get in touch with or for these and other expenses made.

Will my performance at Wonderfeel be pushed back to 2021?

We have already invited various ensembles for 2021. This means we cannot simply copy Wonderfeel 2020 to next year. We will examine the possibilities of postponing performances on a case-by-case basis.