Music Masters on Air

Once upon a two times three

New work by Liesbeth Decrock, Jean-François Jung, Krzysztof Rau, Andrea Tarrodi and Aart Strootman

Jessica Bäcklund – soprano
Elin Lannemyr – alto
Love Tronner – tenor
David Wijkman – bass
Stina Ekblad – narrator

Five premieres in one program, come and hear it with your own ears! Music Masters on Air commissioned five composers to delve into one theme: ‘fairy tales: finding or losing your identity’. One of them is Aart Strootman, who was triggered by the many explicit numbers in the Grimm Fairy Tales – 3 daughters, 12 o’clock, 7 dwarfs… The narrator in his composition suffers from arithmomania: a strong need to count things.