Els Mondelaers & Dyane Donck – voice and performance
Claron McFadden – voice (on film) 

Auke Hamers – video
Sandor Caron – live sound engineering

Myriam (from the horror classic The Hunger) is a vampire, manipulating creatures by using their desire to conquer death and stay young forever. MYRIAM engulfs the audience in a psychedelic trip, a kaleidoscope of extremes with modern classical, pop and electronic music, Lynchian images, and theatrics that allow any number of interpretations. During this performance Soprano Claron McFadden, playing Myriam, will enter the audience’s senses through three-dimensional audio and projected images.

In co-production with November Music Festival, Muziektheater Transparant, Podium Bloos, Operadagen Rotterdam