Rosa Ensemble & Hans Dagelet

Captain Beefheart

Hans Dagelet – voice, performance, trumpet

Floris van Bergeijk – electronics
Wilbert Bulsink – keys, Hammond
John Dikeman – baritone and tenor sax
Jeroen Kimman – guitar
Peter Jessen – bass
Onno Govaert – percussion

The dazzling album Trout Mask Replica from 1969 inspired this homage to Captain Beefheart. At the time the music was too extreme to reach a large audience, but the rugged poetry of both language and music is still mesmerizing to this very day. The Rosa Ensemble owns the music with gutsy arrangements: blues rock, psychedelia and deranged punk. And Hans Dagelet – growling, hissing and spitting – becomes Captain Beefheart. Do not miss it!