Silbersee | SPR!TZL

The latest performance from Stopcontact

Akim Moiseenkov – actor, electronics, instrument designer
Dave Wismeijer – arranger, musician
Jelle Huiberts – percussionist
Stage direction: Mark Timmer

Stopcontact’s latest production is here, directly from SPR! TZL – Silbersee’s workshop for uninhibited young creators from evry corner of the art world. Three musicians, including Silbersee-Spritzl participant Akim Moiseenkov, transform the life of an ordinary man into a sonic adventure. They have created a humorous narrative about loneliness and the rediscovery of your own sound, using electronics, body percussion, voices, and homemade decors as instruments. SPR! TZL is an innovation programme from Silbersee and has been made possible in part by the Performing Arts Fund NL.