The Ghost, the King, and I


Frans van Geest – double bass
Vincent Koning – guitar
Rob van Bavel – piano
Arlia de Ruiter – violin
Sarah Koch – violin
Mieke Honingh – viola
Jasha Albracht – cello

Van Geest (meaning: ghost), Koning (meaning: king) and Van Bavel. That almost explains the name of this jazz trio. It’s the last on the list, Van Bavel, who is responsible for jazz arrangements of such classic hits as Children’s Corner, Pavane pour une infante défunte and Bach’s Inventions. And by the way: these gentlemen have invited four string players from the Metropole Orkest to create a delicious mix of styles. No matter how classically tuned-in you are, this is something you’ll want to hear: Jazzalicious!