Tim Kliphuis Ensemble

Bach à la Kliphuis

Tim Kliphuis – violin
Nigel Clark – guitar
Roy Percy – double bass
Janneke van Prooijen – violin
Frank Brakkee – viola
Ansfried Plat – cello
Rafaela Danksagmuller – recorder
Susanna Borsch – recorder
Hans van der Zanden – French horn
Jenneke de Jonge – French horn

The musical blender: it’s the aid with which violist Tim Kliphuis prepares his instrumental delicacies. Jazz, classical, gypsy: he chucks everything in there, and everything comes out in surprising yet recognizable form. He makes no exception for the Brandenburg Concerts. Kliphuis is not afraid to overact  where possible, or to add subtle improvisations. Bach à la Kliphuis: a bit strange, but very good indeed!