Pavel Kolesnikov & Samson Tsoy


“Summer festivals are risky (…). All the terrible stuff: open air, minimal rehearsals, thousands of people, food, hippies and  a hundred concerts happening in 3 days – a perfect horror movie for me,” spoke the young Pavel Kolesnikov before playing Wonderfeel 2016. Well, about that… He is back again, and is dragging Samson Tsoy along into this perfect horror, with a fine Rameau program. Thankfully, he has come to see the light: ‘I was wrong. It is a simple and reliable model of paradise!’

TOEAC & Geneviève Murphy

The One I Feed

Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion
Pieternel Berkers – accordion
Geneviève Murphy – composer

Self-destruction has many faces. In her piece The One I Feed composer Geneviève Murphy explores the inner conflict between the attraction and the repulsion of self-destruction. The result is an incisive process, audible and visible to the audience, a cross-pollination between performance art and contemporary music, performed by accordion duo TOEAC and the composer herself.

Romanza Trio

Luz y día

Luciana Cueto – voice
Manuel Vilas Rodríguez – gothic harp
Catelina Vicens – organetto

The alba, the song of daybreak, was very popular among troubadours in the 12th, 13th and 14th century. Originating from Southern-French Occitania, the genre quickly spread to the Iberian peninsula as well. The Argentinian-Chilean-Spanish Romanza Trio will explore some of these traditional pieces in Luz y día. Centuries old, of course, but so is the pain of lovers leaving each other at the break of day.

But What About

Disrupted Transmissions

Julián Sarmiento – double bass
Vincent Martig – (bass) clarinet
Wilco Oomkes – accordion
Antonio Pierna García – percussion
Jorick Bronius – sound design

Disrupted Transmission, by the new ensemble But What About, is an investigation into their own language and internal cultural differences. Because if communication amongst themselves is muddled, how can you possibly convey a clear (musical) message? Each piece on the program has its own form of communication as well as its own signal jammer. Hello? Can anybody tell us what’s going on?

Fantastic Women

Kate Moore, Calliope Tsoupaki, Rozalie Hirs, Renske Vrolijk, Annelies van Parys, Anda Kryeziu, Yiran Zhao, Aleksandra Bajde, Barbara Okma, Georgia Nicolaou

Bauwien van der Meer – voice
Reinild Mees – piano

Humor, provocation and admiration are paramount in this personal monument for the self-made woman. Bauwien van der Meer and Reinild Mees use this deconstructed song recital to create a space for themselves, their ten song composers, and all women across the world. Following the footsteps of Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Hannah Gadsby and Mathilde Wesendonck, this poetic stand-up is not an accusation of others, but a stage for the amazing woman.


Space Junk

Asko|Schönberg led by Marzena Diakun

Composer Kate More is not only concerned about the earth, but also about the universe. Conveniently, her father is a scientist specialized in space trash. Kate will treat us to a seething harmony of atmospheres, to natural disasters, and to an exciting sci-fi graphic novel on outer space – Space Junk, a collaboration between father and daughter, between science and art.

De Grote Pinguïn en Bananen Show

Debussy, Gershwin, Numan e.a.

Musicians and actors: Ardemus Quartet

Margrith Vrenegoor – direction and text
Emile Zeldenrust – images
Teus van der Stelt – lights
Judith de Zwart – costume design
Har Smeets – coice-over

The last four penguins of Katona are living somewhere on the South Pole. Creatures of a unique ilk, they eat nothing other than bananas. When their only banana tree expires, the quartet is forced to undertake a dangerous search for new bananas. Eventually they find themselves at the banana stand of Uncle Jaap, located on the Amsterdam Albert Cupymarkt. But what will he do with four penguins?

Rosa Ensemble & Hans Dagelet

Captain Beefheart

Hans Dagelet – voice, performance, trumpet

Floris van Bergeijk – electronics
Wilbert Bulsink – keys, Hammond
John Dikeman – baritone and tenor sax
Jeroen Kimman – guitar
Peter Jessen – bass
Onno Govaert – percussion

The dazzling album Trout Mask Replica from 1969 inspired this homage to Captain Beefheart. At the time the music was too extreme to reach a large audience, but the rugged poetry of both language and music is still mesmerizing to this very day. The Rosa Ensemble owns the music with gutsy arrangements: blues rock, psychedelia and deranged punk. And Hans Dagelet – growling, hissing and spitting – becomes Captain Beefheart. Do not miss it!

Peter Gijsbertsen & Gilbert den Broeder

Zeven levensliederen en een aanslag

Peter Gijsbertsen – tenor
Gilbert den Broeder – piano

Everybody recognizes the feeling: do you make eye contact with the other cyclists waiting at a traffic light? This and other awkward and curious situations, put into words by Marc Pantus, were set to music by Bart Visman in Zeven levensliederen en een aanslag (Seven Songs of Life and an Attack). It was premiered last year by the winner of the Dutch Music Award, tenor Peter Gijsbertsen, who will now perform it at Wonderfeel. Delightfully absurd!

Nadar Ensemble

Alexander Schubert: Point Ones for sensor augmented conductor and ensemble

Frederik Croene – piano
Katrien Gaelens – electronics
Yves Goemaere – percussion
Wannes Gonnissen – sound
Pieter Matthynssens – cello, artistic direction
Thomas Moore – production, conductor
Dries Tack – clarinet
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe – electrical  guitar
Anna Jalving – violin