Music Masters on Air

Once upon a two times three

New work by Liesbeth Decrock, Jean-François Jung, Krzysztof Rau, Andrea Tarrodi and Aart Strootman

Jessica Bäcklund – soprano
Elin Lannemyr – alto
Love Tronner – tenor
David Wijkman – bass
Stina Ekblad – narrator

Five premieres in one program, come and hear it with your own ears! Music Masters on Air commissioned five composers to delve into one theme: ‘fairy tales: finding or losing your identity’. One of them is Aart Strootman, who was triggered by the many explicit numbers in the Grimm Fairy Tales – 3 daughters, 12 o’clock, 7 dwarfs… The narrator in his composition suffers from arithmomania: a strong need to count things.

Monica Germino & Floriaan Ganzevoort


Monica Germino – violin
Floriaan Ganzevoort – light, mise en espace

MUTED, for solo violin, is a quest for the outer limits of the audible. After being diagnosed with hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound) Monica had to abandon her usual performances. The American composers’ collective Bang on a Can and Louis Andriessen joined forces to create a piece that allows her to explore the outer limits of the audible, the universe of expression and tonal subtlety that hides in extreme quietness. In addition to her own Ceruti violin, she will play a rare ‘frame violin’ (without resonance chamber) and a ‘whisperviolin’, specially designed for her.

In co-production with: De Doelen, Music on Main, Vancouver, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Festival Oranjewoud

Maya Fridman, Arezoo Rezvani & Farid Sheek


Maya Fridman – cello
Arezoo Rezvani – santur
Farid Sheek – daf

Khazan is the Persian word for autumn, and its sound conjures beauty and dreamy colors. Using cello, santur (a dulcimer) and daf (a frame drum) to play traditional Persian melodies and improvisations, Maya Fridman, Arezoo Rezvani and Farid Sheek will capture the rhythm and tones of the seasons, longingly looking forward to autumn.



Michaela Riener – voice
Diamanda Dramm – violin & voice
Susanna Borsch – recorders & voice
Saskia Lankhoorn – keys & voice

Yannis Kyriakides – music
Maria Barnas, poetry – editing
Johannes Schwartz – visuals
Darien Brito – programming
Micha de Kanter – sound

Digital facial recognition is here, and was the inspiration for Face. It’s a composition for voice, violin, recorders, live electronics, and video. The software used not only recognizes faces, but also emotions. Composer Yannis Kyriakides translated algorithms to music, and then enriched the result with visuals by Johannes Schwartz and poetry by Maria Barnas. How do we see each other? Ensemble ELECTRA presents alternative portraits in sound and vision.

Slagwerk Den Haag


Fedor Teunisse, Enrique Monfort, Joey Marijs, Niels Meliefste and Pepe Garcia – percussion

Between trees, among the audience – Slagwerk Den Haag is always in a unique location here at Wonderfeel. For Xenakis’ Pléïades, they will surround the audience on the meadow of the Ongehoord stage. Why? Greek mythology describes how Atlas and Pleione have seven daughters, who are inconsolable when Atlas is tasked with carrying the world on his shoulders. Zeus then changes them into stars, the Pleiades, so they can forever surround their father as they twinkle in the night skies.

Diamanda Dramm


Purcell, Biber, Dramm and others

Diamanda Dramm – violin, voice, kick drums, pedal board
Ascon de Nijs – decor
Maison the Faux – setting
Marc Schots – sound

It’s not unlikely that the incomparable violinist Diamanda Dramm will use her bare feet to play drums and organ  pedals. “I always want to explore how my body relates to sound,” she explains. In the literal sense, all the way from feet to eyes. Whether it’s in Smackgirl, the composition her father made for her, or Purcells Lamento from Dido and Aeneas: she is always fully expressive.

In co-production with: Mittelfest, Music on Main, Gaudeamus and November Music