Welcome to the official Wonderfeel 2020 Ticketshop

Information on the order your tickets

Click here if you have a voucher code.
Service and transaction fees are included in the ticket prices.
For any questions regarding the order process, please first check the Paylogic-Wonderfeel FAQ, or call 0900 7295 6442 (in the Netherlands).

Extra information on the tickets:

Three day ticket  //  Please take notice that you will receive a non-transferable wristband when entering the festival grounds.

Day ticket Friday  //  This year, the price of the day ticket on Friday is a bit lower than Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, the program on Friday starts at 14.00h instead of 12.00h.

Natuurmonumenten  //  As a member of Natuurmonumenten, you always get a discount on Wonderfeel, even after the Early Bird tickets are sold out (max. five tickets per membership). Don't forget to bring your membership card to the festival.

Student / CJP / Entrée  //  As a student, and as a CJP or Entree member, you can enjoy Wonderfeel with a discount. Don’t forget to show your student/CJP/Entree card when entering the festival.

Children’s ticket  //  Children (18 and under) can enter for free, but you have to buy a ticket for them through the ticket shop.

Gift Card // You can give away a day or three day ticket, with this festive festival ticket. After finishing the order, you can enter the personal details of the lucky one, and you’ll get the personalized ticket in your e-mail.


Shuttle bus  //  During the festival shuttle buses will travel between Hilversum Station and the festival grounds. You can buy tickets for the shuttle bus (one way, one day return, or three days) in the ticket shop on the left. The time schedule will be published on the website.

Parking ticket  //  You can buy a parking ticket for only one day, or for all three days. If you are in need of a handicapped spot, buy a regular parking ticket on the left, and bring your disabled parking card to the festival.

Geef Een Toegift  //  Through this initiative you can buy a ticket for someone with insufficient financial resources to enjoy cultural activities. The “Toegift” tickets will be distributed through our local partner “Stichting Leergeld”.

Compensation sustainability  //  With your extra contribution, Wonderfeel is able to take new initiatives to make the festival more sustainable. We'll keep you posted!

Donation Natuurmonumenten  //  By donating to Natuurmonumenten, you’re contributing to the preservation of Dutch nature reserves, like Landgoed Schaep en Burgh, home to the Wonderfeel festival grounds.

Additional information:

  • With the purchase of tickets for Wonderfeel 2020, you contribute to the preservation of Dutch nature reserves, like Landgoed Schaep en Burgh.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot refund any tickets. It’s possible however to offer them on Ticketswap.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ticket(s), either printed or digitally.
  • On Camping De Fransche Kamp you can book a stay with your tent during Wonderfeel.
  • For additional questions, please check the FAQ.