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We receive programme proposals every week from artists. Some of these proposals dovetail perfectly with Wonderfeel’s artistic aims, others do not. It is unfortunately not possible to respond to each proposal individually.  However, each proposal is registered by our programmers, who will contact an artist whose programme might be of interest for the festival. Further information about the programming can be found below. Programme proposals that conform to the artistic policy for the festival are more likely to be included in the final programme.

The programming for Wonderfeel is subdivided into themes, each with its own programmer and stage. Wonderfeel takes place in a splendid natural setting. This means that performances are not allowed to be louder than 85 dB. Sound and lighting matters can be discussed with the programmers. 

Het Veld

The Veld (‘field’) is the festival’s main stage, where a cross-section of programmes is presented. 

Weeshuis van de Hits

In the Weeshuis van de Hits (‘orphanage of the hits’) the sensations of the classical music repertoire are central, from Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ to Mozart’s ‘Turkish March’, from canto ostinato to operetta.


All of the festival’s ‘unheard of’ music is performed on this stage. This includes everything from unknown gems to premieres; innovative, creative interpretations; and programmes that challenge accepted norms.  

White Label

In White Label we investigate the flexibility of the concept of ‘classical’ music. From minimal to jazz, everything is up for consideration, but then with a slightly different twist. The artists who perform here are not tied to a particular genre, and they enter into a dialogue and collaboration with other disciplines. 


This stage is dedicated exclusively to soloists (and occasionally duos). The audience is seated around the entire stage. 

De Schuur

In the Schuur (‘shed’/‘barn’) art, science and technology mingle to create new worlds. It is a venue for lectures, performances and documentary screenings. 

Het Dorp

The Dorp (‘village’) is dedicated to Wonderfeel’s youngest visitors, with a continuous children’s programme. Performances for children are programmed for the stages mentioned above.